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I wish to have a chicken coop mansion




Wish kid Sawyer and Chicken

A Wish as Unique as Sawyer:
'Chicken Coop' Sparks Joy and Transformation

While 3-year-old Sawyer spent a lot of time in the hospital during his leukemia treatments, he deeply missed his beloved pet chickens back at home: Daisy, Fluffy, Snowflake and Rotisserie.

Wish kid Sawyer and a chicken

Since Sawyer’s family was unable to build them a proper coop, the birds had to sleep in a 10-by-10 dog kennel at night. Despite everything he was enduring, Sawyer worried that his feathered friends would be raided by a fox. “He just loved those chickens. I think he’s just got a big heart,” said Sawyer’s mom, Shelley. Sawyer imagined someday giving his chickens a special “coop mansion.” When he learned that Make-A-Wish® could grant his one true wish, he knew right away what his wish would be: to have a coop to keep his chickens safe.

Sawyer needs something that he can still believe in. I think that the power of the mind can heal anything. Something as simple as making a wish come true can change his life.
employee of Carolina Coops, which helped build
Wish kid Sawyer and a chicken

Sawyer’s wish united a community with one common goal: to grant the wish of a child who deserves a bright light during a dark time. When Sawyer laid eyes on his new chicken coop mansion, he wasn’t thinking about the leukemia treatments that still awaited him. He was too busy cuddling his large birds and getting ready to move them into their new home. “The look on his face as that coop was coming together was something I’ll never forget,” Shelley said.

Today, Sawyer’s chicken coop mansion houses 17 birds. “We get about a dozen eggs a day,” Shelley said. “Sawyer looks forward to getting up and going out to collect eggs in the morning.”

This continues to be transformative for Sawyer, because he is still undergoing chemotherapy. But now, instead of feeling anxious about visiting the doctor, Sawyer excitedly brings the doctors a carton of eggs at every visit.