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I wish to have a royal ball



congenital heart disease

Wish kid Angelina

A Wish Brings a Patient and a Doctor Closer Together

Angelina was born with a rare heart defect that left her with half a heart.

Wish kid Angelina

Dr. Blaine John, Angelina’s physician, performed three open-heart surgeries on her before she turned 5. She built a very strong connection with Dr. John because of the time they spent together throughout her illness. He also feels very close to her, as he has monitored her heart health since before she was even born.

Dr. John has since watched Angelina grow into a resilient young girl who could take on anything that came her way. Because of how close they had become, Dr. John referred Angelina for something that would change her life forever: A wish to help her pull through difficult times. Angelina wished to have her very own royal ball in honor of her 11th birthday.

[Angelina’s wish] gives me hope and faith in all that we can achieve when we work together.
Blaine John, MD
Pediatric Cardiology
Wish kid Angelina

 “I wouldn’t have missed Angelina’s big day for anything,” Dr. John said. “She wished for a royal ball – and wow, it was straight out of a princess storybook.”

Angelina created her vision of the perfect royal ball in her journal and it came to life right before her eyes. She and her sisters were pampered with professional makeup and hairstyling before the ball. She was swept away in a horse-drawn carriage down to her own red carpet, where more than 100 guests – including Dr. John – cheered her on from the balcony.

“Make-A-Wish® has made a huge difference in Angelina’s life and how she and her family view her condition,” Dr. John said. “While Angelina is the bravest girl I know, coming to her check-ups used to bring back bad memories. Since Angelina’s wish, Angelina and her family have these incredibly happy memories to get them through the tough times.”