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Nicole-7-brain tumor-to be a figure skater_Credit Lisa Lefevre Photography, to be a figure skater

Nicole Skates Toward Everlasting Hope and Irresistible Joy

When Nicole received the devastating news that she had a brain tumor, her life became consumed by dreary days spent in the hospital enduring painful treatments. “When I heard [her diagnosis], I was destroyed,” said Nicole’s dad, Caleb. “It was very tough for us.” 

While limited to her hospital bed, Nicole took comfort in watching her favorite sport – figure skating – on TV. As the skaters twirled in the air and glided across the ice, Nicole imagined that she was one of them, zigzagging across a glittering ice rink as the audience cheered her name. After months of isolation, Nicole wanted nothing more than to be surrounded by a crowd of adoring supporters.  

Nicole skating with family holding flag

When she learned she would be granted a wish, Nicole’s face lit up with pure joy, hope sparkling in her eyes. She knew that what she had imagined for herself would finally become a reality. When Nicole met with her wish granters, she had already planned nearly every detail of her wish – even showing off a picture she drew of her ideal wish day. 

Together, Make-A-Wish®, a team of professional figure skaters, a local entertainment venue and a community of kind-hearted supporters came together to give Nicole a wish experience that would surpass even her most spectacular fantasies. For two months, Nicole went from her chemotherapy treatments to the ice rink to practice, her heart filled with determination. 

She is a very tough girl – a powerful girl and so positive, I’m really proud.

After weeks of private lessons and pulling herself up after her stumbles, Nicole was ready for her headlining performance, “Nicole on Ice.” When she arrived at the venue, she was greeted by her new friends in the figure-skating community, her coaches and, of course, her friends and family. “I’m not going to fall,” Nicole said proudly, her newfound confidence shining in her eyes. “Unless I do, I’ll stand up.” 

When she stepped onto the ice for the first time, the audience roared with applause, a sound that filled Nicole with joy. Her family beamed with pride as she led a train of figure skaters onto the rink. Together, they put on a stunning performance that brought tears to the eyes of everyone who was part of Nicole’s life-changing wish experience. 

Nicole meets skaters

Nicole dazzled on the ice, her glowing smile lighting up the room as she performed lifts and twirls, her hard work and dedication culminating in an experience that was awe-inspiring and everlasting. At the conclusion of her performance, Nicole was awarded a gold medal as the crowd burst into applause, with many devoted fans chanting her name. 

“Everyone knows my name, but I don't know theirs,” Nicole said. “It’s because I’m the star!” 

Every part of the wish journey helped Nicole build renewed strength and hope for brighter days ahead – and sparked joyful memories that will replace those of fear and sadness for her entire family. 

“She’s happy – I’m happy,” Caleb said. “I’m happy for the accomplishments she made, for the commitments. Anything is possible, everything is possible. Thank you so much.”