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I wish to be a princess




Wish kid Khushi

Khushi's Princess Wish Brings Community Together to Transform Her Life

Khushi was diagnosed with cancer at age 6.

Wish kid Khushi

Instead of playing dress-up and watching her favorite princess movies, Khushi was suddenly enduring scary medical treatments. “We have seen some bad days,” said Khushi’s dad, Chirag.

After a two-year battle, Khushi overcame her critical illness. She was cancer-free, and Khushi deserved a chance to replace her familiar feelings of fear with confidence, sadness with joy and anxiety with hope.

Khushi’s one true wish was to be a princess and Make-A-Wish®, as well as an entire community of caring people, came together to give her a life-changing experience. Leading up to her wish, local TV and radio stations encouraged the community to attend the town’s Christmas parade to get a glimpse of and cheer on Princess Khushi.

When the day arrived, Khushi’s family and volunteers surprised her at school to share the big news – her wish was coming true! Khushi’s classmates sprinkled her with confetti as she embarked on a royal quest to pick up her princess essentials. Those at the local schools and companies that helped raise money to grant Khushi’s wish awaited her arrival to hand off each piece – a tiara, a scepter, the key to a royal suite at a hotel downtown, a beautiful gown and more. Later, a glam squad delivered a royal makeup and hair makeover. She was truly transformed into Princess Khushi, who danced and played, smiling big and bright.

It was one of the best days of our family’s lives.
Khushi's dad

At the parade, Princess Khushi waved as a horse-drawn carriage carried her past hundreds of townspeople who shouted words of love and encouragement just for her.

Khushi’s wish gave her renewed energy and strength, and it united an entire community in an experience that was awe-inspiring, uplifting and everlasting. “It's like a miracle,” said Khushi's mom, Vaishan. “It’s like a dream.”