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I wish to have a white fluffy puppy



genetic disorder

Wish kid Jade

Jade's Wish for a Puppy Brings Her Comfort, Confidence and Courage

Jade’s genetic disorder forces her to visit the doctor every other Tuesday for treatment.

Wish kid Jade and her puppy

This has not been easy for Jade, who is just 7 years old. She often used to come home from her appointments and only want to sleep all day, said her sister, Rubi.

Jade is a shy and timid child, but also very responsible for her age. When Make-A-Wish® gave her the chance to wish for anything, Jade knew she wanted something to care for and something that would cheer her up after her appointments. Jade wished to have a Coton de Tuléar puppy, complete with spots on its ears and tail so that it looked like a character from her favorite cartoon. She named her new puppy Sky.

Jade used to always come home from her doctor appointments and want to sleep all day and complain of a tummy ache. Now, she comes home from appointments and wants to play with Sky.
Jade's sister
Wish kid Jade

Sky has transformed Jade’s life. Not only has Sky taught her to be more assertive – especially when trying to chew her sandals – but Sky has also given Jade a newfound sense of courage and confidence. When Sky needs to go to the vet for shots, Jade will hug Sky and tell her not to be scared; that she’ll be OK because she gets shots too and she gets through it. At the end of each school day, Rubi and Sky meet Jade out front as her classmates gather around to meet the white fluffy puppy. “Jade always looks really proud in those moments,” Rubi said. “She feels like she has more friends because of her puppy. She is starting to open up a little bit more.”

Rubi added, “Jade needed something of comfort and that’s exactly what Sky is – a friend that she takes care of and, in turn, Sky takes cares of her. Now, Jade comes home from appointments and wants to play with Sky. To see that change is immensely heartwarming.”